Three-ball Billiards

"Apeldoornse Boys"

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The club is one of the oldest existing clubs in The Netherlands for three-ball billiards. It was founded on April 1, 1940 by four members from the soccer club with the same name.

We belong to the national organization KNBB. Our members, currently about 35 people, play their matches under the responsibily of the KNBB. The matches can be divided in three catagories. The first one consists of pure individual games, in the second competitions are ran in teams consisting of 3 or 4 members. Besides these we organize competitions internally, such as summer schemes and time-billiard (Dutch only).

We are playing every Thursday night starting 6:30 pm until approximately 00:00 a.m. We are located at the splendid accommodation of:
"Apeldoorns Biljart Centrum"
Marktstraat 13
7311 LH Apeldoorn
tel. 055-5215325

A.B.C. owns 2 match tables (142 x 284 cm2) and 4 so-called small tables (115 x 230 cm2). On Thursday night Apeldoornse Boys have all tables to their disposal.


Our board:




Secretary H.A.J. Krijnen
Treasurer H. van Tongeren
Board Member J.P. de Mutsert

Competitions J.P. de Mutsert
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For those who like to become candidate members there is a list of points of interest (Dutch only).

For more information or in case you like to become a member, please phone (+31 640467298) or mail.

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